What Can You Hold In A 12 Kilo Gummy Bear?

It's not every day that we get sent a 12kg Gummy Bear -- or at least my dentist hopes it's not. But having been sent a bear with a notable chest cavity got us thinking. What could you store in there? The idea behind a massive gummy Bear is that you'll use his tummy cavity to store other foodstuffs for your party. We should note at this point that the bear we got sent isn't, as we first thought, an Party Bear; this is instead a "Big Ol' Bear" or BOB, for short. BOB's pretty similar to the Party Bear, except he doesn't have a funky video to go along with him. One thing that I originally thought was the case with both BOB and the Party Bear was that they had actual bowls in their tummies; instead in both cases it's just a gap, which means that anything you place in there is in direct gummy contact at all times.

Also, if you leave a 12kg gummy bear in an office under lights for a week, it sweats a little. Mmmm... gummy sweat.

He can store foodstuffs, even if they do make it look like an outtake from Alien.

He can be used with the Internet's favourite foodstuff: Bacon. (although it's surprisingly hard to get anyone to eat either the bacon or the bear afterwards)

We could go on and on, but this is a story best told in pictures; check out the gallery below for a complete appreciation of everything you could -- but probably shouldn't -- store in a sweaty gummy cavity.


    I think the more important question is; Why the f#*k would you even want a 12kg gummy bear?

      The correct question is; Why the f#*k would you not want a 12kg gummy bear

        The final question is; Why the f#*k are you not eating it right now?

      No the more important question is; Why wouldnt you want a freakin 12kg gummy bear?? XD

    "sweaty gummy cavity"
    A quote that's horrible and glorious all at the same time :P

    Anonymous commenter once again adding nothing constructive to the conversation...

    Sorry Matthew and Bazer -- I must have blanked out that part where I held a cattle prod to your head and forced you to read this.

    Oh, wait, that's right -- I didn't.

    While I'm not going to defend this as anything but dumb fun -- because that's what it so very clearly is -- I've got to say I feel sorry for you if you've got no space in your lives for some dumb fun. I'd find that a sad and terribly depressing existence...

      It's not worth rising up to the trolls Alex.
      Dick-heads will be dick-heads no matter what.
      For what it's worth this cheered me up this morning and made my day a bit more fun. :)
      Which is good considering it's faux Friday!

    It would seem not everybody agrees with you...
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    Alex is a nominee in Best Consumer Technology Journalist & Best Reviewer

    So what happen to his tummy???

    Another Lap band surgery gone wrong? :-)


    Didn't your parents teach you not to play with your food? :p

    Fill it with.... Gummi bears!!! Cannabalistic lollies

    You shouldn't put anything in his tummy. It should be left.........wait for it....*drum roll* ......Bare! ;-)

    How could you not love gummy bacon!!!!
    Sweet sweet gummy bacon.

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