We're Using Way More Paper Than We Ever Have Before

Apparently human beings are still Tree Enemy Number One, sneaking past beavers and termites. In fact, if you are reading this in America, you have personally killed 5.57 12m trees last year thanks to all of your paper usage. But don't feel too bad: Belgians consumed a whopping 8.5 trees per person.

According to The Economist, worldwide paper consumption has increased by half in the last 30 years, a puzzling development for an era when "paperless" and "green" are as buzzy as words can get. You'd think that with the rise of computers, iPads and smartphones that paper consumption would shrink, but apparently humans are still ripping down spruces and pines at an alarming rate. So save a tree -- buy a Kindle. [The Economist]


    You ned to call Datacom about managed print :) that simple. how much paper do you waste everyday on jobs you never get from the pritner becuase you missed typed somthing and noticed it at the last moment!

      You don't ned to call anyone, but what you need to do is stop printing things that you are just going to write all over and put in the bin in less than an hour.

    I wonder how much of this is for toilet paper.

    I dont know about anyone else, but the paper I use now is minimal 3 years at university and I have used .89% of a tree.

    I remember the days in school where I would print off 100 pages a week (not for school, just when I found something cool), and wouldnt even use it again.

    These days everything is digital.

    Although, no digital toilet paper as of yet :).

    Good thing we have tree farms then, yeah?
    At least we are not cutting down rain forests for paper.

      Yes we are.

        Double A is expensive but use farmed trees. They clearly advertise it on there boxes. I buy them for work as we eat too much paper

          The 'farmed trees' logo on the Double A pack is something they have come up with themselves. It may be 'farmed' according to the companies definition but there is no external audit, certification or anything to back it up. You are better off using Australian 100% recycled paper so you complete the cycle. Reuse Australian paper and it doesn't go to waste.

    And instead we're burning up more fossil fuels to charge up our tree saving kindles and iPads!!

    What about the endless junk magazines stuffed into my letterbox everyday

    Belgium IS home to the EU parliament and it's sort a political, economic hub for all Europe, soooo.. that makes the Finish example more relevant as the top dog. But then Finland has massive tree farms, so maybe Austria is a better example of the worst offender, but what's their situation?
    Raw data and simple graphs are never really that useful, are they?

    Where is Australia on this?

      Haven't you heard?
      We don't use paper!

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