Week In Tech: Buyouts, Death Sentences And Malware

Macs got malware, Facebook got rid of a lot of pesky money that was clearly just littering up the joint and both Word and a harmless sugary bear got sentenced to death in this week's top stories.

Facebook Buys Instagram For $US1b

One.. billion... dollars. Wow. That's a whole lot of money for photos. Did Instagram have something incriminating on Zuckerberg? Read More

Flashback Shows Why Mac AV Is Vital

Flashback wormed its way into many a Mac; will this be the tipping point for Mac malware? Read More

Dear Android Tablets: Stay Crazy

Could Android tablet success come from... thinking differently? Read More

Gizmodo Asks Dan Ilic About His Geek Origins

Behind every Geek there's a story; in Dan Illic's case it's a tale of portable Commodores and gatecrashed parties. Read More

It’s Not Quite Time To Kill Microsoft Word

Does Word really deserve a death sentence? I think not. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Unbearable: The Death Of A 12 Kilo Gummy Bear

It's a hard life being a 12 Kilo Gummy Bear — and an even tougher execution. Read More

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