Watch This iPhone Screen Protector Shrug Off A Hammer Blow

You may never have to use your iPhone as a nutcracker, but it's good to know that Buff Labs' screen protectors will keep your iPhone's display intact if you happen to crush almonds with a hammer on it.

The secret to their Tonka-toughness is that each protector is actually composed of four layers including a "shock-absorptive cushioning layer" on top, which absorbs most of the energy from an impact, and a "shock-dispersive cushioning layer" which helps spread any remaining forces out so there's less chance they'll crack your screen. And, like most screen protectors available today, it also uses a silicon adhesive layer which makes it easy to remove and re-position, and also help to release any bubbles trapped during installation.

Buff Labs appears to be based in Japan or South Korea, but it doesn't look like they sell the screen protectors directly from their website. You can find them online for about $US20 to $US30. If this video doesn't end up being the one take out of a hundred where it worked, it looks like these could certainly be a worthwhile investment. [Buff Labs via Newlaunches]

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