Watch Dare Iced Coffee Bring A Man's Dream To Life

Advertisement Yes, we know. It's mid-morning, you've got a deadline, and you're still half asleep. It's time to take a break and get inspired. Wanna see Dare Iced Coffee make some guy's dream of building a raised deck come to life? With a bit of ingenuity from funny man Ryan Shelton, you'll be left stunned at the results. Hey, nobody said the results would actually be any good. But now we know that drinking a Dare Iced Coffee will give you the coffee kick you need to think outside the box and get through the day. And with a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, it's no wonder Dare Iced Coffee is one of Australia's best-selling drinks.

Still struggling to get on with it? A Dare Iced Coffee fix'll fix it.

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