Watch Arthur C Clarke Predict The Internet And Personal Computers... In 1974

Besides being one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time, Arthur C Clarke had a knack for foreseeing the future -- at least in terms of technology. And in this clip from 1974, he predicts both personal computers and the internet.

The minute and a half clip is from Australia's ABC network and in it Clarke not only predicts that by 2001 every home will have a compact computer console, but that they'll all be connected letting users do everything from remote banking, to buying theatre tickets. He even predicts how computers will eventually let us telecommute, and as Clarke always was, is optimistic that these new technologies will enrich humanity instead of isolating us.

We miss you Arthur.

[YouTube via SwissMiss]


    Clark was /is a legend, he also helped develop satellites.
    I have pretty much all his books, kinda lost interest a little when he started collaborating with Gentry Lee.

    amazingly spot on. What a gem I'm assuming coming from the ABC (from the watermark in the video obviously)

    As Clarke was a forward thinking optimist, the only point he didn't factor in was that in the mid 70s we transitioned from altruistic societies into commercial enclaves directed by professional politics.

      It's a shame we did but at least it drove development faster..... ...I can only dream of an altruistic society based world but it will never happen , will it ?

    Brilliant minds.

    Holy shit, he also covers (if you really pay attention, watch it again)
    - Community cloud (you hacven't even heard of this yet, search it)
    - Online movie ticket purchasing
    - Work from home/telecommuting
    - TV/PC integration
    - Social networking
    - the mobile workforce

    Clarke was clearly exposed to the future in some way, he was the Nostrodamus of technology. That kid (where are you now dude?) could have made TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS investing his pocket money in the industry trend information shown in this 90 second clip. Again I say, holy shit.

      hmm well i'd say the 2001 moon base, and 2010 interplanetary trip to Mars (but re-routed to Jupiter) are hardly predictions that panned out. dozens of his novels had us all over the solar system by now. hell in 2001 he thought the soviet union would still be around, and that we'd be at defcon 2.

    As is often the case, he had about as many misses as hits. But still awesome.

    You should look on YouTube for him - he did a very similar video in 1964 with very similar predictions

    Love and miss Arthur. He was a wonderful human being as well as a brilliant visionary scientist.

    Clarke wrote a very interesting book in the 70's called "Profiles of the Future". In it he makes all the same predictions as mentioned in the above video and many more (as Antipodean mentioned above) the emergence of satellite communication, which he won an award for so accurately predicting.

    The book even has as semi-facetious timeline at the end, covering past inventions and future predictions of what year he guessed various technological developments might occur. A lot of the exact timing is off of course (as he knew it would be) but it still makes for an interesting look at the way his brilliant mind worked, and to this day it can still give us some insight of things that will probably occur this century.

    The only major things he was wrong on, is timing with space technology and exploration, as the space race slowed to a crawl thanks to America losing interest after the moon landing, and cutting NASA's budget to ridiculously low levels (NASA was still a force to be reckoned with in the early 70's and everyone thought we'd be on the way to Mars by now). And of course there's a lot of related things that haven't eventuated as a result (such as new propulsion technologies or more powerful energy sources).

    In any case, here's the timeline from the book if you're interested:

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