Watch A Man Cheat Death As His Truck Plummets Off A Cliff

Jumping out of a moving vehicle just before it plummets off a cliff is standard stuff for action movies and James Dean impressionists, but actually seeing it happen in real life is breathtaking. A tow-truck driver in Norway did just that, though, when the heavy truck he was towing slipped off the icy road.

The driver of the tow-truck escaped at the last moment, but the other driver was trapped in his cab for the fall. Miraculously, he survived with just a few broken bones, but looking at the truck tumble down the embankment, it's impossible to imagine how. [BBC]


    Who was the camera operator?

    FAKE! Photoshopped!!!11111oneoneone1 ;-)

      you do realize that photoshop is for photos and this is a video right?

    Who was filing, very smooth camera action...

      I assume the company secretary was doing all the filing back at the office.

      I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. The cameraman (cameraperson?) was probably the broken-down truck driver hoping to get something for funniest home videos when the tow truck tries to round the corner up ahead. The loss of a massive truck and tow truck is probably a bit expensive for a fake 15-seconds-of-fame internet viral video - I'm not inclined to call shenanigans.

      Anti-shake in lots of cameras these days.
      Works astonishingly well eh?

        No! Youtube have just released a stabalisation feature on Youtube, I think it probably used that. Giz did an article on it a couple of weeks back.

      You can hear it, they're on a snow vehicle. Most noticeable after they accelerate away from the cliff edge

    I bet he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

    Good thing the guy in the smaller vehicle managed to get out, I'm sure he would have died. The other guy was in the truck so luckily due to the size of the vehicle meant the damage wasn't great, hence survived. Good news all round

    Maybe it's just because of the foreign language, but nobody sounds particularly worried in this video.

    that is what I thought Luke. Where is the HOLY F*** THE TRUCK IS FALLING OFF THE CLIFF. Seemed pretty chilled after too

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