Vibrating Seats Could Be Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

The whole 3D thing wasn't quite a success when it came to convincing people to come back to theatres instead of just downloading movies at home. But you know what they say — if at first you don't succeed, try adding a rumble feature to theatre seats.

A company called Tremor FX has designed a new kind of theatre seating with built-in actuators creating vibration and rumble sensations that coincide with the action on screen. In fact, unlike other enhanced theatre seats which have to be specially programmed to react to a movie, the Tremor FX seats simply respond to the film's soundtrack. So during a loud action sequence, your chair will really come to life.

The system is also easier for theatre owners to install. The Tremor FX chairs are the same size as regular theatre chairs, so seating capacity isn't diminished. And the control hardware, which is no bigger than a tower PC, can easily squeeze into existing projection rooms. On the plus side it doesn't require the audience to don special glasses, but on the other there's the definite possibility that it could give theatre owners another excuse to boost ticket prices to cover the costs. And in the same way the 3D effect gets tiring after a while, I imagine sitting through a lengthy adventure like The Lord of the Rings could take its toll on your derriere. [Tremor FX]

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