Vegas Casinos Connected By Zipline Sounds Like An Ocean's 14 Stunt

Las Vegas can be an exhausting place to explore on foot. So in a slightly misguided attempt to make it easier for patrons to get between its casinos, MGM Resorts International is planning to string up zip lines between the Luxor and Excalibur.

There's no tentative timeline for the new attraction, which will involve three lines including one connected to the apex of the Luxor's pyramid. But MGM representatives say it could be a unique alternative to simply walking between the casinos, and serve as a tamer thrill ride than bungee jumping.

The idea follows the successful installation of a zip line attraction at The Fremont Street Experience on the north end of the strip, and really just sounds like a fantastic idea for a city where half of the visitors are completely drunk 24 hours a day. But while they're at it, we hope they string a line all the way to the convention centre to help bring a little joy to weary writers every morning at CES. [Las Vegas Review JournalThanks Brian!]

Image: Jeffrey Furticella/Associated Press

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