Transform Your Office Cubical Into A Roman Palace With A Chariot Chair

Have you ever noticed that the desks in your office form a cubicle version of Rome's Circus Maximus? And since battling lions and gladiators to determine who gets the last doughnut was phased out before you joined the company, perhaps a winner-takes-all chariot race is more appropriate?

They might not look like the most comfortable place to sit and work at all day, but these fantastic Ben Hur chariot chairs would serve just fine in a waiting room. On race day, you'd need to find some way to safely harness up an intern, and specifics about what manner of office weaponry were permitted would have to be banged out ahead of time. But nothing would make a doughnut sweeter than the added taste of victory.

As for pricing, well, given they bear the branding of Jean Paul Gaultier who designed them, it's safe to assume these Ben Hur seats are well beyond the price tag of even the most high-end Aeron office chair. But, remember, proper lumbar support isn't going to mean squat when you're heading into a tight corner. [Roche Bobois via The Fancy]

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