This Yosemite Time-Lapse Is So Beautiful It Looks Fake

When you love the story you are telling, it shows. It can't be faked. Such is the case with this breathtaking time-lapse video of Yosemite and the Sierras. It took filmmaker Shawn Reeder two years of shooting to make this staggering piece of beauty he calls Yosemite Range of Light. Go full screen HD or go home. [Shawn Reeder via The Atlantic via Peta Pixel via Laughing Squid]


    Yer.. erm.. it's nice.. but it's not mind blowing or anything.

    Amazing, but looks heaps better when you're there. Absolutely stunning place.

    Stunning Video and an amazing part of the world.

    Gorgeous. Many sequences appeared to show stars at the same time that shadows were progressing over the ranges. Either the shadows were from the moon, or he had a technique to bring out starlight during daylight, or it was two scenes (daylight landscape and nightime sky) put together with some clever post-processing. Anyone know which one?

      ya, id like to know how they are showing stars in day light

        it was shot at night, on a long exposure, i'd say 30 seconds, and that allows more light to enter the sensor, allowing for all the stars to appear. A lot of those 10/20 seconds sequences would've been filmed for 4+ hours, which explains the moving of the shadows

    Id say the shadow was cast by the moon over a mountain behind him and cast a shadow over the mountain in front in the picture. so one cast a shadow over the other not the moon behind the mountain in the picture get it ?

    Yeah the stars are very much fake. Theres even some shots where it looks like theyve just gotten the same star image and used it again. Sky replacement is quiet easy, theres a tutorial on how to do it on

      please tell me you're not serious and having a joke..?

    Who invited all these cynical twats?

    It's beautiful.

    It must suck to never be able to just sit back and appreciate something for what it is. Not everything is a conspiracy!

    The most beautiful thing I've see on the internet :)

    Haven't you ever taken a long exposure? It comes out like daylight...

    While looking impressive and having a strong emotional touch I seriously doubt that these 'timelapse' video sequences are real.
    IMHO heavy photoshopping and overlaying was used to get these effects, mixing day and night sequences on a frame by frame rate, manipulating mirror images etc. An expensive and time consuming fakery to get public attention and praise, without mentioning that theae are manilpulated pictures.
    As a physicist and amateur photographer I fail to see ANY technology to take pictures of stars and galaxies during daytime while showing landscapes at normal exposure rates. Prove me wrong!

    If I am right (and I am one of very few sceptics on this clip) this would be a rather dec eiving publicity stunt by the author of the video; true photographers like the late Ansel Adams would never condone this kind of trickery!

      @A Sceptic.

      "ANY technology"..... Consider yourself proven wrong.

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