This Video Will Either Convince You To Buy An Ultrabook Or Lose All Sanity

The "ultrabook" doesn't exactly have people going nuts at the moment. They're great, skinny, fast laptops — but they're not cultural smash. The solution? Create a crazy Japanese acid binge TV commercial? Maybe? Add more acid.

A tiger in a tacky business suit, dancing astronauts and a city on the moon are more things we'd associate with a famous person's drug binge than an Intel promo — the silicon company isn't exactly unbuttoned — but we're not going to complain. We like this new Intel. This new Intel doesn't need to show you specs, or benchmarks, or make any mention of Apple. This new Intel doesn't even need to show you an ultrabook to make you want an ultrabook. Why? Because watching this video just activated a swarm of Japanese sleeper agents that will make you buy an ultrabook or else.

BuzzFeed has the lyrics, and they are spot on:

Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultrabook The new era is coming... For capable people Ultrabook For progressive people — Ultrabook Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultrabook, INTEL

Do you think you can resist? No. Ultrabooks and spirals and moon men and tigers and swirling lights my face is melting... [BuzzFeed]

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