This Skimmer Is Why You Should Be Nervous At ATMs

There have been plenty of attempts to make ATM skimmers look realisticincluding 3D printing — but this is perhaps the best yet. Reported by Krebs on Security, you would have to be an expert to spot it.

The device was discovered in a bank in San Fernando Valley earlier this year. From the front it is almost perfect. The only giveaway? A tiny, tiny pinhole on the right hand side of the device (see the close-up), through which a small camera can capture PIN numbers as skimming victims type them in.

Flip the innocuous-looking device over, and it becomes clear that its intentions are underhand. The all-in-one device records card details and PIN numbers, and it's powered by what looks like a phone battery. Police still haven't worked out who placed this device — which is believed to be one of many — on the ATM where it was found.

So, short of becoming paranoid about ever taking cash out of an ATM, what can you do to avoid being skimmed? Krebs makes a few suggestions, but the most reliable trick is to always cover your hand as you type in your PIN number. [Krebs on Security]

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