This Could Be The Most Useful Keychain In The World

Yes, yes, keychains have a primary function: keeping you from losing your keys. We've seen them be so much more over the years, but The Clip from Little Bonsai might just be the most useful keychain we've ever seen.

What makes The Clip so special is that it's useful for all sorts of stuff its creators didn't dream up. Sure they probably thought this little folding clip could be used to attach keys to your belt buckle, or to function as a makeshift iPhone stand or money clip. But on its website, Little Bonsai has pictures of the uses some of its customers have come up with on their own like using The Clip as a pry bar to open a can of paint or as a box cutter. A gadget even more useful than its original design — incredible.

The company is currently out of stock, but they're in the process of manufacturing more. To be notified when The Clip is available again, sign up for updates online. [Little Bonsai via Reddit]

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