This Air Traffic Controller Built A Fully Functional 737 Simulator In His Garage

As an air traffic controller and a licensed pilot, James Price's life revolves around flying. So it's not that surprising that he's spent the last 12 years converting an old Boeing 737 nosecone into a full-on flight simulator in his garage.

While the entire rig doesn't pitch and roll like an actual aircraft, it still shakes and vibrates in response to the simulated weather conditions and manoeuvres the plane is put through. A set of projectors and screens sitting in front of the cockpit provides a wide view of the computer-generated surroundings through the cockpit's windshield.

All of the simulator's programming was done by James himself, and about 90 per cent of the gauges and displays in the cockpit actually work, providing as realistic a flying experience as one can get in the comfort of their own garage. And, most importantly, if James wants to take a virtual trip he doesn't have to deal with annoying TSA agents or nutty passengers. [Mercury News via Kyle Wiens via Make]

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