These Magnetic Bike Lights Look Super-Sleek

Bike lights are massively important if you're cycling anywhere after sunset, but attaching them to your bike is a pain in the arse. These magneti lights could be the perfect solution, provided you ride a steel-framed bike.

Designed by Copenhagen Parts, they're made of machined aluminium and have a magnet on the rear. There's no on/off button -- when you plop the light onto the frame, it immediately switches on. That massively speeds up the process of getting lights on and off your bike. Lars Thomsen, one of the designers, explains:

"We had the idea some time ago and have spent the last 18 months getting them right. We now have them perfected and will soon be ready to launch this patented innovation."

In fact, the prototypes have been in testing for six months, during which Copenhagen Parts added magnets strong enough to keep the lights in place regardless of road service. Though they're not quite on sale just yet, they should be available later this year and you can pre-order now.

Physics being what it is, though, only steel-frame cyclists need apply. Never mind: there are other good bike lights out there. [Copenhagen Parts via Dezeen]



    I kinda reckon that might be 'road surface'......not service.

    Not many people ride steel framed bikes anymore! It's all about aluminium or carbon fibre.

      More's the pity. I'd love that old Bianchi.

    there was a good article in wired about how heavy cargo bikes, presumably steel frame, are huge in europe. Hence the market for lights that have a magnetic seal.

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