These Guys Dropped An HTC One X Onto Concrete, So You Don't Need To

There's something about drop tests that makes me cringe slightly. Especially when it's a really nice phone like the HTC One X. Just about everyone's had that heart stopping moment when a smartphone accidentally tumbles out of your grasp and down to the ground. What happens when you do it deliberately?

This wasn't just yet another "let's see how quickly we can smash the pretty electronics" test — although there is clearly some interest in watching stuff break, otherwise Mythbusters wouldn't still be on the air — and I'm pretty impressed overall with how the One X stood up to being dropped. That being said, it'd clearly be a bad idea to drop it face first onto the ground. [YouTube via NetbookNews]


    The One X can 2x slomo with 60fps! They should have used that to record the damage

    So the real point was to commiserate with those who've dropped their phones with the same consequences ?

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