There Is No Philippe Starck ‘Revolutionary’ Apple Product

There Is No Philippe Starck ‘Revolutionary’ Apple Product

Last week, renowned designer Philippe Starck told the whole world he was working on an Apple product. The claim was dubious, Apple denied it, and lo and behold, Starck himself has now confirmed that it’s a bunch of malarkey.

The Starck-initiated rumour about some new Apple product was both confusing and troubling to the point that most people didn’t believe him. No matter what you think of Starck’s design, his aesthetics are pretty much the exact opposite of Apple’s. If Starck’s monthly visits with Steve Jobs were indeed planning for the iPhone 5, the long-rumoured Apple television, or otherwise, well, there was a chance those products would fall short.

The good news is that we were right to doubt Starck. The Wall Street Journal reports that it’s bullshit:

A spokeswoman for Starck confirmed that the project involves a yacht that’s being designed for Steve Jobs’ family.

“It’s not a project with Apple. It’s a private project that began with Steve Jobs and that has been taken over by his wife.”

After shamelessly drumming up publicity over Steve Jobs’s grave, we can now be absolutely sure Philippe Starck won’t ever design an Apple product. [WSJ via Cult of Mac via Apple Insider]