The World's Most Disgusting Elevator Has Lickable Cookie Wallpaper

Obviously inspired by Willy Wonka, McVitie's, a baked goods company in the UK, decided to make the edible magic real by turning an entire elevator... lickable. Yes, lickable. There are 1325 lickable cookies lining the wall which you can lick up and down as you go up and down.

This is gross, right? I shouldn't want to ride this elevator lined with Jaffa Cakes, which is apparently a sponge cake with orange jelly and chocolate, should I? But look at the people licking! They make it look so damn tasty. The 1325 Jaffa Cake wallpaper took about a month to install and is housed in an elevator in London. It's all an advertisement, of course, but damn if I've ever seen a tastier one.

Oh and McVitie's wants you to know that once a cookie is licked, it's removed from the walls. [Jaffa Cakes via Design Taxi]

You would lick it, right? Right?! I'm not a disgusting human being for wanting this, am I?

This guy really wants it.

Hey girl.

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