The Motorcycles That Died For These Lamps Made A Beautiful Sacrifice

We usually cringe when we see a lovely piece of hardware that's been cannibalized for the sake of another device. But that's not the case with Classified Moto's lovely lamps which are only made from spare motorcycle parts.

In other words, no motorcycles died in the making of these lamps.

Using parts specifically from Japanese motorcycles from the 70s and 80s like shocks, transmission gears, and brake rotors, the lamps manage to look classy enough for even a living room setting instead of being relegated to only the garage or workshop. And they're available in a handful of different designs from table lamps, to floor lamps, to wall mounts, ranging in price from $US200 to $US430. They're the perfect home accent piece for the wanderlust-plagued motorcyclist who's had to leave their days on the open road behind.

[Classified Moto via Inhabitat]

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