The Mechanical Turn Signals On This Concept Car Look Like Fluttering Eyelashes

Until Pixar came along and ruined things, headlights were often seen as a vehicle's eyes. But Mercedes-Benz refuses to give up on that anthropomorphic fantasy. Even to the point of designing a mechanical turn signal system in its new Concept Style Coupe that looks like fluttering, flirting eyelashes.

Instead of simply animating a row of LEDs to indicate that the vehicle was turning right or left, the Mercedes-Benz engineers went a little overboard with a series of metal plates that raise and lower in sequence, revealing a yellow light underneath. The effect is not unlike impatiently drumming your fingers on a table, but it furthers the illusion that the vehicle is defiantly staring you down... or just trying to get your phone number. [Notcot]


    Its hard to see that close... I cant imagine it from the other side of an intersection..

    This is by far one of the dumbest ideas. Just like those fucking blue (or pure white whatever) headlights people enjoy on their stupid cars. I can't see shit if you're heading towards me, just so you can seem significant on the road. Let alone seeing these dick heads turning in front of me as I ride by on the motorbike.

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