The Inevitable Windows Edition Parody Of Google's Project Glass

Google's ridiculous-looking Project Glass already seems like a parody unto itself. But it's real, it's coming, and the internet has responded with countless videos parodying what wearing the augmented reality specs will really be like.

Including this inevitable dig at Microsoft which looks at what its response to Project Glass would be like. "Are you sure you permanently want to delete this banana?" [YouTube via The Daily What]


    Very well done, I just love the BSOD ending where you don't actually see what happens.

    Hahaha, this was great. Well done to them.

    HAHA! GOLD!! :D

    LOL, love it!

    Now, who's going to do the Apple version (set in stylish, over-priced walled garden) ;-)

      D'oh! Got a posting error on first attempt at reply, and now I've ended up with a double post! (Yes, I am using Windows.)

    LOL, nice.

    Now, who will do the Apple version, which stars a smug guy trying to get out of his stylish walled garden so he can ride his Vespa?


    This would make more sense for android

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