The Haiku Fan Is Perfect For Your Apartment Or Zendo

Your ceiling fan is something you might not think about until it starts creaking in the night, keeping you from sweet slumber. But it should be more than just a thing attached to your ceiling, collecting dust bunnies. The lovely Haiku is equally sleek and functional, a nice way to circulate the air in your home, and also add to the aesthetic.

With three blades and a big wing span of 60 inches, the Haiku's bamboo airfoils flow together seamlessly with the central motor. This zen-style fan is super sustainable, too — 80 per cent more energy efficient than a traditional motor. A typical fan requires 90-100 of power, an Energy Star-certified one usually uses around 65W. But the Haiku only needs 2-30W. That's a very wide estimate, but in the long run, it's probably going to save you quite a bit of dough on your electrical bill.

Haiku has seven different speeds, as well as sleep, timer and reverse settings. This cool piece of ceiling gear won't interrupt your sleep, and it's a pleasant to see when you open your eyes each morning. [Big arse Fans]

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