The Greatest Show Of Air Force Might You've Ever Seen

You know what's cooler than 20 fighters ready to battle? Seventy fighters ready to battle -- all lined up in perfect rows, and deadly as hell.

Like the last choreographed work of plane porn (orgy?) we showed you, this is another "elephant walk". But here, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base assembled more F-15E Strike Eagles than most countries have aircraft to their name. So what's the point of all of this, other than a good photo op and a "don't try anything" to North Korea? Not much. But, hey, there's never much point to porn. Let's hope we never have to actually use this many fighters at once. [The Aviationist]

Image: US Air Force


    read carefully this time theirs more planes (70), last time there were only 20. check the link.

    Have a look at the Normandy invasion then think about 12k aircraft one after the other.

      Heh, yeah it's amazing how quickly something so important and all encompassing can be relegated to story books. Although these things probably have a combined greater kill factor if used all at once.

    "Let’s hope we never have to actually use this many fighters at once"
    - except to fight off an alien invasion?

      Are you suggesting that you want an alien invasion?

    In the 'not too distant future' all that fire power will be packed into drones flying overhead 24/7. At least in America!

    lol, perfect chance to rig them with C4 in BF3 :p

    From the first row of four planes back, there is only ten rows, with one plane missing from the back, so there can't be more than 40 planes in that block.

    There are only nine planes in front of that block, so there cannot possibly be 70 planes there!

      Sorry to bust your bubble, but if you look in the background, there are more plans turning off the apron onto the runway. Not very focused, but definately there. And there are 12 rows on the runway. 10 have 4x, 1x3, 1x2, so that is 45. And I count at least 15 on the apron and rear block (in the heat haze).
      So 60 here.
      If you follow the link you can get a decent size pic.

    Is it just me who find an airbase full of airmen called 'seymore Johnson airbase'??

      yeah, ur right. American slang for penis is johnson. lucky they are airmen and not seamen

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