The Gorgeous Spiral Staircase You Can Put Literally Anywhere

Why should a staircase only be for getting to the next floor? The modular and portable nature of the Elementstair, which was inspired by water slides and designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, means you can have a stairway in your home that simply gives you a new point of view. Kind of a fancy version of standing on your chair a la Dead Poets Society.

Or you could be boring and have it take you to your loft.

Modular? Yes, but better yet, it's available in literally thousands of RAL colors from Dutch retailer Weltevree. The price is "by request," so you might be buying a rather expensive point of view. But something Schoonderbeek describes as: "redolent with a palpable originality" might be worth investment, right? [Remodelista]

Image: Weltevree

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