The Beautiful $6000 DSLR Motion Control Rig You Probably Don't Need

The National Association of Broadcasters' Convention is just around the corner, which means an influx of pro-grade video and camera gear. Like Kessler's new drool-worthy all-digital Fusion motion control rig for DSLRs.

Dollies and pivoting tripod heads let cinematographers perform very fluid camera movements, but even the professionals can't perfectly repeat the same motions and focus adjustments every time. And when a shot calls for perfection, they hand it over to a computer-controlled motion control rig that can nail it perfectly on every take. That's why you probably never notice a smooth camera movement in a film, except on a subconscious level as you're drawn into a scene.

Kessler has promised a version of its Fusion rig with three axis of motion for under $US6000. And what's particularly neat about the whole setup is that it can be programmed and controlled wirelessly through HTML5. So if you have an iPad or iPhone on set with a web connection, you can make tweaks and adjustments to every aspect of a given shot. [Kessler via DSLR News Shooter]

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