The 38 Things Every Photographer Needs In His Or Her Bag

Shawn Corrigan is by some accounts the hardest-working photography assistant in the history of hard-working people. But since he can't join every single photographer on every single shoot, he put together a list of everything you'd need to replicate having a badass sidekick.

Here's his full list:

-A Fully Charged iPod with at least 3-4 daylong playlists -iPod Cables -Gaffer's tape in multiple colors -Black Sharpies -Screw Driver -Tape measure -Various phone chargers -Exacto knives -Paint markers -Multiple sizes of coveters for tripods -Pens -Notepads and/or loose paper -USB Cables -Firewires -Tethering cables -Level -Breath mints -Tums -Band-aids -Advil, Tylenol, Aleve -Batteries -Heavy-duty gloves -Triangular door wedge -Ziplock bags -Extra compact flash cards -Card reader -Swatch book of gel colors -Book of seamless colors -Valid passport -Circuit testing plug -Blow drier -Extra gels -Lens cleaning cloth -Multi-outlet adapters -Manfrotto light stand for fittings/adapters -Pocketwizard cords for common gear -Allen wrench set — metric and standard -A leatherman and a light meter

He also made a printable checklist version, in case you want to actually follow his lead. Though, if you're flying solo, you're also going to need all of your actual photography gear — probably in a separate bag. [PhotoShelter via PetaPixel]

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