The 38 Things Every Photographer Needs In His Or Her Bag

Shawn Corrigan is by some accounts the hardest-working photography assistant in the history of hard-working people. But since he can't join every single photographer on every single shoot, he put together a list of everything you'd need to replicate having a badass sidekick.

Here's his full list:

-A Fully Charged iPod with at least 3-4 daylong playlists -iPod Cables -Gaffer's tape in multiple colors -Black Sharpies -Screw Driver -Tape measure -Various phone chargers -Exacto knives -Paint markers -Multiple sizes of coveters for tripods -Pens -Notepads and/or loose paper -USB Cables -Firewires -Tethering cables -Level -Breath mints -Tums -Band-aids -Advil, Tylenol, Aleve -Batteries -Heavy-duty gloves -Triangular door wedge -Ziplock bags -Extra compact flash cards -Card reader -Swatch book of gel colors -Book of seamless colors -Valid passport -Circuit testing plug -Blow drier -Extra gels -Lens cleaning cloth -Multi-outlet adapters -Manfrotto light stand for fittings/adapters -Pocketwizard cords for common gear -Allen wrench set — metric and standard -A leatherman and a light meter

He also made a printable checklist version, in case you want to actually follow his lead. Though, if you're flying solo, you're also going to need all of your actual photography gear — probably in a separate bag. [PhotoShelter via PetaPixel]



    lots like a studio kit. for landscapes i put carry a large lub free condom and stretch it over the camera leaving only the very front of the lens exposed great for waterproofing a camera on the cheap.

    I'd like to add some qualifiers to this
    First this is a photographers assistants kit rather than something a photog would carry
    Second ,while to some it might be usefull, to many carrying the whole kit would be silly for any amateur and even some pros
    Third having a kit like this is great but no where near a replecement for a good well qualified assistant

    Interestingly the list misses my most commonly used items: Crocodile clips, Bulldog/clothes clips, string, Black wrap/cinefoil

    Since the only portable music player I have is a Walkman with an old mix-tape in it, that'll have to take the place of the suggested iPod.

    "His or her". That's a rather clumsy way of saying "their".

    i've never needed even a quarter of this stuff on any shoot i've been on. also being an assistant sucks, i've been treated like crap by the last 3 people i've worked for. being blamed for things you had no power to change or for things that were the photographers fault etc.

    I'll need all of my film, spare canisters, scissors, a dark bag...

    "Every" photographer. I highly doubt that.

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