That Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie Sounds Pretty Awful Already

Ashton Kutchermay or may not be the perfect fit to play the world's favourite tech tyrant, but the rest of the film seems terrible and terribly boring. Even the title is horrendous.

First, the movie is called Jobs: Get Inspired. With that kind of cornball name, the film sounds more like a motivational seminar in the basement of a Marriott than a compelling biopic. It also has the misfortune of being directed by Joshua Michael Stern, whose claim to fame is Swing Vote, a bad movie you forgot about from 2008. It starred Kevin Costner and nobody liked it. He also wrote a made-for-TV movie called Nightworld: Survivor in 1997.

And finally, this damning quote from an interview with the producer of Jobs: Get Motivated:

Finally, do you believe that the family, friends and fans of Steve Jobs will appreciate the movie Jobs when it is released?

We have purposed for the movie to be an accurate and inspirational portrayal of his fascinating life and the huge impact he had on the world, so yes we expect his family and friends to appreciate it.

If you can expect that his family and friends will "appreciate" the movie, it's unlikely it's going to be very critical, or very interesting, or very accurate. So what we'll have is a gushing, whitewashed commercial for the memory of Steve Jobs. At least Ashton looks a lot like him! [Neowin via Verge]

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    I doubt Kutcher will have the acting licks to capture the dark nature of Job's personality. Just look at his previous movies.

    They should get Noah Wyle to play Steve jobs again. He was pretty good at playing Steve in "Pirates of Silicone Valley".

    Ashton is too goofy to play Steve.

    So is it called Get Inspired or Get Motivated? You have it as both in this article.

    "Purpose" is not a verb.

      Actually it can be in that context without a problem.

        Josh, OED says no. In the context, it's actually worse. I think he means intended.

      Can we just concentrate on the content and not bother with the grammar!

        Timmahh, I'm betting the two are related. Saying s**t like "we have purposed" is American motivational seminar bs; I'm betting that this gives us a taste of the content. You can often guess at content from form.

    Dude where's my iPad?

    I couldn't think of a more boring movie. If it was a doco on Jobs, the rise, fall and rise of Apple, and something thrown in about Foxxcon and the 'unseen' electronic sweatshops our i

    Fuck! to continue '...iDevices are made in' then that'd be good.

    "Jobs: Get Inspired" sounds like a Disney comedy.

    "Here's a brilliant rebel who bucked the trend and took on the system. The computer system! This summer, Ashton Kutcher is... Steve Jobs. And he's here to show you that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away."

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