Temperature Sensitive Rug Changes Colours To Match The Seasons

When you decorate a room you're stuck with a single colour palette all year round that doesn't necessarily reflect the changing seasons outside. So maybe we should look to Siren Elise Wilhelmsen's color-changing rug for inspiration on designing a room that reflects, or contrasts, the temperatures outside.

Wilhelmsen refers to her Season Carpet as a "soft thermometer" and it's made from 100 per cent wool dyed with special heat-sensitive pigments that change colour depending on the ambient temperature. The rug is actually made up of three different colours that all shift their hues at different temperature ranges, so the pattern should actually be fairly unique as it transitions throughout the year. Unless your home's thermostat always maintains the perfect temperature indoors. In that case the rug's not going to put on a show for you. [Siren Elise Wilhelmsen via Fast Co Design]

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