Telstra Confirms Galaxy Note For April 24

Telstra Confirms Galaxy Note For April 24

The Samsung Galaxy Note seems to be one of those genuinely polarising smartphones; some love it for its immense size, while others aren’t as keen. Then again, it seems to play well with pachyderms. When it launched in Australia, you could purchase it on Optus or Vodafone contracts, with Telstra said to be “coming soon”. Telstra’s just confirmed the exact details of its plans with me.

Ausdroid first reported on the April 24th date, and we’ve just had confirmation direct from Telstra that April 24th is indeed the date you’ll be able to score a Galaxy Note from Telstra, if that suits you. Telstra’s statement reads as follows:

The Samsung Galaxy Note will be available from Telstra Stores and online from Tuesday 24 April.

Consumer customers can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note for $10 per month on the $79 Freedom® Connect Plan (after using an included MRO Bonus), with $800 worth of included calls & MMS, unlimited SMS (all to standard Australian numbers) and 2GB of data for use in Australia each month. Min cost over 24 months is $2,136 or $89 per month.

Business customers can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note on a $90 Business Mobile Advantage Plan with a $10 per month Mobile Repayment Option for 24 months after using their MRO bonuses. This offer includes unlimited standard national SMS and MessageBank® diversion and retrieval in Australia, as well as 2GB of data to share with other staff on the same plans while in Australia. Min cost over 24 months is $2,400.

Contracts are fine for what they are, but it is worth noting that the Galaxy Note’s available outright from a number of direct importers quite cheaply; while Samsung’s official line is that this is “risky”, that isn’t necessarily so.