Techie Textiles For The High-Concept Home

Techie Textiles For The High-Concept Home

A group of creatives got together to create the Cryptographer, a machine that encodes digital messages on fabric, using bleach and… software.

The characters printed on the textiles are based on English letters in order of frequency used — etaoin shrdlc umwfgy pbvkj xqz — and are meant to be a more tangible embodiment of the digital messages we deal with so often throughout the day.

Raw colour is a collaborating between Remon van den Eijnden and Peter Bust on the software, and Bart van der Linden on the elementary programming and direct control elements of the engines. Studio Watt took care of the engineering and electronics.


The project is being presented for the first time at Dutch Invertuals Retouched during Salone 2012. [DesignMilk]