Taiwanese Animation Studio In Trouble -- Here Are Its Best And Most Insane Videos

NMA, the Dadaist absurdo-animation studio responsible for all those ridiculous interpretations of current events, is broke. So broke it's looking to sell itself to cover huge losses it's been taking — Next Media as a whole is actually a massive media company. Bottom line: it's possible we've seen the last glorious bit of NMA weirdness.

To help you through this understandably trying time, here are some of the most absurd and memorable videos from NMA. Or alternatively, you can just watch all of them on its iPad app.

NMA has a long, strange history with Conan O'Brien, but you probably first saw it when it spoofed the Coco/Leno late night battle with radioactive green hulked-out talk show hosts. It's a classic.

What's that? Christmas at the TSA isn't actually a bunch of agents suggestively shoving passengers up against walls while performing choreographed dance moves in front of a TV that says Total Sexual Assault? I like NMA's version better.

Former Gizmodoian Kyle VanHemert was immortalised in an NMA video about lasers and lightsabres and litigious Lucas studio folk. Never forget.

Netflix and Qwikster. Remember that? And remember how it was a metaphor for conjoined butt twins with lasers and DVDs for heads? We sure do.

And finally, here's the video that was so insane and insensitive that NMA actually set it to private (but not before someone re-uploaded, of course).

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