SwiftKey 3: Predictive Keyboard Saves You Time

SwiftKey 3: Predictive Keyboard Saves You Time

It’s amazing how many ways you can screw up a short message on a smartphone, thanks to autocorrect. But SwiftKey, an Android keyboard replacement app, seeks to fix some of those mistakes before they even happen.

SwiftKey 3 beta began its rollout today, but if you want to get in on that sweet keyboard action, you have to sign up on the VIP list.

What does it do?

SwiftKey is a smart keyboard, capable of predicting not only the word you are typing but the next word you’re going to tap out. It dives into your history of taps and swipes on Facebook, Twitter, texts, emails and so forth, to better forecast what you will write.

Why do we like it?

This app is a total time-saver. Swiftkey 3 adds a smart space bar, which detects missing spaces. So if you were to type asentencelikethis it would automatically add spaces where appropriate. It adds a feature that lets you press the period button to select your punctuation of choice.

SwiftKey is free for the first 30 days, after which you have to decide whether or not you want to pay $3.99. [SwiftKey]

SwiftKey 3 Beta

Download this app for: Android, free
The best: predicts words, saves time
The worst: $3.99 after 30 days