Subterranean Garage Is Only Accessible Through An Aircraft Carrier Elevator

If you've ever wondered how the obscenely rich squander their wealth, here's your answer. Tom Gonzalez made a small fortune when he sold his software company, so he purchased an elaborate estate in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, which includes one of the most over-the-top and droolworthy garages we've ever seen.

The top floor houses an impressive collection of motorcycles, but it's the garage's basement that will blow you away. Tom's gleaming white subterranean oasis is large enough to hold 40 vehicles, or park nine bus-sized RVs. And how does he get his rides down there? With a massive hydraulic lift like the ones used on aircraft carriers. At 18m long and 4m wide, it's capable of lifting over a 113,000kg, requires 3000 litres of hydraulic fluid, and uses $US25 worth of electricity every time it's raised and lowered.

But we're most impressed with the elevator's fake boulders and pine tree camouflage that are also lifted into the air whenever it's raised. It's good to be the 1 per cent. [YouTube via Autoblog]


    THAT IS SO COOL !!!!!

    Awesome garage, with POS cars in it though.

      +1. Definate bad taste in cars.

        Maybe so, but I think he's more of a "Bike Guy" rather than a "Car Guy". The collection of cars seems to indicate that they're more of a practical nature (with one or two higher-ended germans as the exception).

    An awesome fantasy. I was a huge Thunderbirds fan as a kid. Cringe-worthy to see this made real.

    poor bikes. Never been fully appreciated. What's the point.

    It is a cool elevator but i agree, i think for him it was much more about the elevator itself than the actual cars.

    where is the batmobile. and i would imagine under the garage there is a secret bunker.

    Didn't Mitt Romney want to build one of these?

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