South Australia Rejects Plans For Rundle Place Apple Store

Development of Adelaide's Rundle Place started in late 2011. The finished structure will hold some 85 retailers, according to AdelaideNow, though I'm guessing when the plans were first drawn up, no one envisioned an Apple Store being one of those retailers. A revised — and rejected — plan for the building's ground floor suggests the developers are keen to accommodate the consumer giant... if only Apple's design for the store front wasn't so darn "unimaginative" and "generic".

These are the words of Philippe Mortier, chief architect for South Australia's Planning Department, his comments directed at designs for the mysterious store with the plain façade above (you can click the image for a non-cropped version). The plan, along with the government's assessment, can be found in this document, though the AdelaideNow has kindly pulled out the meatier part of Mortier's statement:

In his own submission to the DAC [Development Assessment Commission] against the changes ... Philippe Mortier criticised the building design as putting "the manicured world image ahead of local amenity" and that it was an "unimaginative and disappointing slavish application of generic corporate style".

No one's confirming that the shop front is an Apple Store, but you don't have to be an architectural genius to recognise the design. The document also mentions that the revisions were made to "respond to specific requirements of the tenant within their branding guidelines and design philosophy". This tenant is described as an "international brand" and "significant drawcard".

Hardly damning, but there aren't a lot of companies that fit. Rundle Place isn't set to open until 2013, but Apple and the developers will want to get a wriggle on if they're keen for SA's approval.

[ifoAppleStore and AdelaideNow]



    Yep, that's Adelaide. 1 hour by plane but 20 years backward.

      How is it backwards, showing spine in spite of a large multinational should be applauded. An area's character should not be damaged for a corporate brand

    why do we need one anyway? plenty of apple products in the other shops around

      Apple Stores are not just about selling products, you get a completely different level of customer service.

    Well I understand the complaints about 'generic corporate style', Apple goes through significant pains to make sure all their Apple stores are uniform from glass planes to furniture wood sourcing. If you want to build a store within a landmark, adapt it like the NY Grand Central Station.

      It's not in a landmark... the building isn't even built yet!

    Apple hating aside, Philippe Mortier has clearly never experienced an Apple store himself. I can understand that on paper an Apple store would seem unimaginative and generic, but the reality an Apple store is far more impressive.

      Were you paying attention at all to the article? He doesn't have a problem with the fact it's apple, not it's products or the store itself. He has a problem with the way the outside of the store would appear, and how it detracts from the buildings unique look.

    The only thing imaginative about the design of an Apple store is that they had to get a special kiln made to create the giant sheets of glass they use in the facade. I say good on Adelaide for rejecting the design.

    I would say to those who think that Philippe Mortier is wrong based on the 'tech' side of the operations of the shop, that you need to understand that Architecture and design have been around much longer than Apple stores, or mass digital technology for that matter, and any person who is a chief architect of any public or private body would have way waaaayyyyy more experience in judging, commenting on and determining architectural facades and the compatibility of new designs within certain urban centers than 99.9% of Gizmodo readers, who might feel that Adelaide NEEDS an Apple store.

    This could be put simply as the Globalisation of Adelaide, on Adelaide's terms. Good for them!

    Hoorah for Adelaide standing up to Apple and its bland store design. Why can't Apple be more like the fast food companies and banks and learn to come up with imaginative designs.

      Yeah, coz all those KFC stores and Maccas look far more classy don't they? Adelaide, a half hour and 50 years behind. Why bother opening anything in Adelaide? Everythings always closed!!!!! Adelaide and nothingness, you deserve each other.

    That's right. Adelaide belongs to us. If you want to do things here ,you do it our way. The whole point of Adelaide's existence is to not be like other cities, the ones destroyed with overdevelopment and surplus population ;) We fall into line with no one.

    However, I hope they do revise the store plan in a very unique way and then get approval. We need more world brands in Adelaide to make it a world-class city we can be more proud of.

      So you want more "world" brands done "Adelaide's way". You don't ask for much do you.

    haha oh Adelaide.. ya poor thing still living in da past!
    i just gotta giggle... thank god i don't live there is all i say.

    Why should Adelaide give in to a single company? Apple can't go to whoever they want to and say "do it our way". It's a total disregard for the culture of the city.

    Good on him to sticking it to them. I don't agree that it's bland and unimaginative, just that Apple expects to have its way.

    Why do we need an apple store? we have next byte, along with various other outlets to buy apple products. Provided the price is the same, and the same selection is available, does it really matter where shop for apple?
    On another note, Philippe Mortier, your building is DAMN ugly. What the hell is going on with the roof?? Rundle mall is a traditionally designed area. I think a 6-year-old could design that building. Thats' going to stand out like dogs balls. It will ruin the vibe and feel of walking down Rundle mall, and having a coffee by the fountain.

    Adelaide just keeps getting better IMO.

    Surprised why Apple would wants to set up shop in Adelaide anyway. Was there for a weekend and couldn't leave the place quick enough.

    Craziness like this is part of the reason why retail costs more here. Fancy telling a business how it's store can look? The cultre Nazis can kindly f*off.

    I agree with this, looking at the render it's obvious apple made almost no effort to fit with the style of the center. Apple is a company that has done some amazing designs to fit into the architecture of an area before and this one does them no justice at all. Look how big the silver flat facade is, it looks hideous compared to the glass in the building on the left. It's not about Adelaide not wanting apple, it's about the style and that design seems to have none.

    There's already an Apple store off Rundle Mall.

      It's not an actual "Apple Store", though, and the service at that store is appalling though. I'd rather order it online and wait weeks than go there. It's usually cheaper too, even including shipping.

    Rejected because it is too bland. Look above the supposed Apple grey and you see a whole crap load of bland beige, but thats alright I guess.

    They're really just doing Apple a favour here. Apple don't like to think of themselves as a generic chain store sort of thing, they like to create the illusion that their brand is above that sort of thing. This design wedged into the front of that building would be a bit tooo Harvy Norman/Dick Smith.
    Saved from themselves.

    It looks boring due the lack of big Apple logo above the door.

    There are plenty of high end retailers that use the same idea as Apple, ie big glass wall and a brand name. I blandness is from overall design of the shopping centre.

      No it's not. The blandness is from that fact that their design is bland in this context. You simply can NOT blame the design of the overall centre. With something like that you either fit it in with the overall design or you bung something on the front and bastardise it, which is what they've done here.
      Their design only works as a stand alone, not when they're putting a half-arsed frame around the outside to pretend it's not a part of the rest of the same building.

    Gee, isn't this a case of pot, kettle, black? The building is just another westfield looking shopping centre.

    I work directly across from where this store is (or rather, was) going to be and let me tell you, regardless of how 'bland' it might look, it'd be a welcome change from seeing 400 apathetic tradies banging and clanging every flippin' day.

    ACC has a history of this kind of crap, why do you think JB Hifi is underground? Ridiculous. If they had their way, every retailer would be subterranean.

    If I see an Apple store in the Mall, I might just cry. It'll end up filling the mall with even more 16 year olds and hipsters. zzzz

      If I saw an Android-exclusive store, I might just cry. It'll end up filling the mall with preachy arrogant nerds. "Zzz" ;-)

        Yeah, as if nerds would know anything about technology and make a choice based on that.

        The rules apply to everyone, i'm sure apple will throw a tantrum

    What Philippe Mortier fails to understand is the huge benefits for the 85 other retailers that the ‘generic corporate style’ will bring. Typical Adelaide, lets suffocate progress. Is that carpark at the airport finished yet?

    What an ugly, boring building. How is that better than what was there before? They should have just done up the old building. At least is had character.

    What is character? The recognition of an old style of craftsmanship and design? "character" is subjective. Personally I think the sleek lines of an Audi has character. However Mortiers's argument would be to force car manufacturers to build cars like the model-T Ford in preservation of what is recognised as 'character'. Be careful Adelaide, people seeking solace in recognising things things they can relate to is another form of protectionism that impedes social progress. Adelaide has fallen behind the rest of the country in terms of social and economic development because of this "protectionist" attitude that sees modern architecture design rejected, new opinions squashed, and our youth sent interstate to explore their creativity and bring innovation to another city. Apple has loads of character, that is why it is adopted as the world's foremost technology for the general public. It brought character to a bland I.T. world. Just because you can't see there character, doesn't mean it should be rejected. Have the courage to look past your own short sightedness and embrace change. New trends & improved quality of life come from such open mindedness.

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