Sony Adds Channel 10 To Its Smart TV Lineup

Smart TVs haven't exactly set the premium TV market on fire, but the one area where they have grabbed telly watchers' attention has been in providing catch-up TV opportunities. Sony's just announced that by mid-year it'll add Channel 10 to its lineup on compatible Bravia TVs. The Channel 10 service won't go live until mid-year, at which point Sony claims that its Bravia TVs will have the choice of 29 Smart TV channels, ranging from Billabong to ABC iView.

Sony's pitch at Smart TVs has to date been less app-centric in the way that LG and Samsung have gone full tilt at, and more experience-centric, which fits in with this strategy. I don't watch much TV "live" at all any more, so I can see the general appeal, although I'm trying to remember the last time I watched anything on Channel 10.

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