Prometheus Video Shows Our Android Future

The newest promo video for Prometheus is pretty phenomenal — Michael Fassbender, in chokingly creepy fashion, introduces his David android, who we of course know will turn out to be evil and awful. But hey, this is the real future.

Creepy David makes repeated mention of his commitment to understanding us — and there's nothing sci-fi about that. We can already see increased emphasis put on building software with empathy. Software that can help us even when we're inarticulate or dumb. Software that can think things through for us. Just look at Siri — if it's worth anything at all, it's because it can process natural language. Or look at what the US Navy is doing to prepare robots that can work alongside humans.

So, it's on it's way — just hope the other 99.9 per cent of the stuff in Prometheus doesn't happen. [io9]


    So I can have a "supersmart" robot to do my killing and finally engineer "sharks with lasers" for me ....
    It's too good to be true !

      i believe you meant 'sharks with frikin lazers'...

        yes I did thanks been a while must rewatch LOL

    It's good if you watch that Prometheus vid, then this one by Peter Serafinowicz

      LOL. I love Michael-6. I hope he's available to purchase soon.

    nice one Tom, smiley face.

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