Skywalking: Russian Teens Risk Death For Daredevil Photos

This latest teen photo trend might be the clearest illustration of the difference between Russia and America. We lie down on stuff. They pose, or Skywalk, hundreds of metres in the air with nothing between them and the sudden splat of failure.

Skywalking is the new Russian planking, basically, but it's also totally freaking nuts. This seems to have been going on at some level for a while, but the trend is growing in popularity. Seriously, look at some of these shots.

Here's a video of one of the above shots being made, but there are lots more on YouTube. They're breathtaking in the sense that it makes it hard to breathe even several thousand kilometres away in an office chair. Udachi, young Skywalkers. [Caters via Sun, MNN via Petapixel]

Images: Caters news agency

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