Skype Now Available On PS Vita, But Who's Going To Call?

When Nokia launched the N-Gage, gamers revolted at the idea that you'd hold a taco-shaped thing up to your head to talk. Will we all look any more dignified shouting into a PS Vita? We'll all get the chance to find out, as the official Skype app is now available. The official release — I'm not within range of my Vita at the moment, so haven't been able to test it out — notes that it'll work on both the 3G and Wi-Fi models, and runs in the background, so you can pause games, take calls and then return to gameplay seamlessly.

The thought strikes me that it could be a not-so-great way to burn through 3G data caps if it's in an always-on state, but as I say, I've not given it any hands-on time as yet. Skype for Vita will use both the front and rear cameras, so you could give your caller a fine view of your lap depending on where you're holding it. It's a free app that should now show up in the "Social" category of the Playstation Store.

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