Shooting Challenge: 17 Pretty Panoramas

Shooting Challenge: 17 Pretty Panoramas

Panoramas are fast becoming a popular kind of photography technique thanks to easy-to-use software now being included on smartphones. There’s something about seeing an extreme wide-angle shot that brings a shiver down my spine — something I felt looking at several of this week’s entries. Make sure you click on each image to see it in its full glory.

Kevin Cheng

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Canon EOS 7D, 50mm f/1.8 prime at aperture of f/9, 1/8sec (give or take), ISO 100, EV -0.3, tripod, no filter.

I found my way in … can’t really say where it is as I have plans to head back for a few more shoots. I love the abandoned equipment, the graffiti, and there was a tent set up in a really hidden corner …

Tristan Davison

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Canon A495 with CHDK
HDR with 5 shots per frame 2 EV steps.
12 frames wide.
Processed with Photomatrix Pro and Microsoft ICE.

Shot from the Newcastle Obelisk (-32.931838, 151.779012) looking North East after a strong southerly had come through.

Adam Gavin

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This was taken on a nikon d3000 as a HDR. Edited in PhotomatixPro and the colours slightly adjusted in Photoshop CS5.

These were taken during me and my Girlfriends trip down the great ocean road. This is our favourite spot called “the grotto”

Stuart Addelsee

Canon EOS 400D – Canon 17-55mm – Nodal Ninja 3 Pano Head

This challenge got me motivated to set up my pano head which had been causing me some terrible parallax errors recently that I couldn’t seem to correct. After some testing and tweaking I seemed to nail it though. An internal panorama, this is a 7 shots pano, each shot is 3 bracketed(-2,0,2) shots, so 21 shots in total. I only had a few candles so I moved them around for each shot as I moved the camera around. I Used Photomatix to HDR merge each image, then PTGui to stitch them together. some cropping, noise reduction and sharpening in LR and PS to finish.

Stuart –

Jake Austin

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A lovely sunset!!

Michael Parente

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I shot this while on holidays over the Easter break.

Parents had decided to drive around the countryside aimlessly, and I saw this out the window. They let me jump out to take some photos, and I ended up coming up with this.

Camera: Canon 60D
Lens: Sigma 50mm f/1.4
Exposure time: 1/500 sec.
Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 100

My only wish is that I had taken some more, experimenting with a deeper and also shallower depth of field, with the focus point remaining in the background, just to see how it would’ve turned out.

Todd Fletcher

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Camera: Canon 600D
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 800
f/s: 6.3

Finally after 3 attempts going to Kanangra and it wasnt rainy/misty weather. This panaroma is of the Kanangra Deep/Valley looking towards Mt Cloudmaker and narrowneck. Truly a spectacular area that I’ve always wanted to take Michelle to and finally we got a clear, sunny day and it was a spectacular moment seeing the deep for the first time. An HDR would go brilliantly out there getting the details of the ravines, trees, cliffs and sky. Kanangra is a truly beautiful place that everyone who loves photography should check out.

David Lai

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Taken freehand with a Canon 30D and Sigma 17-70mm 1:2.8-4.5 DC lens
f/5.6 in aperture priority mode, ISO 800

This is the old water wheel that once supplied the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse on the south west coast of Western Australia. The wheel was built in 1895 and used to pump water from a nearby spring up to the lighthouse but is now encrusted in limestone. This panorama was stitched together using HugIn with some minor editing and colour adjustment in Photoshop.

Nik Rasic

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So i was trying to figure out what to do for the panorama challenge, and was shooting for some long exposure at cronulla beach when the moon started to come out from the horizon just like a sun rise. I stopped and took this panorama.

Was hard to blend because of the change in light from the intense moon to the warm light from the buildings.

Gear: canon 550d , 17-40 f/4 L lens , velbon sherpa 803r tripod.

ISO: 800
Shutter speed: 30s
F stop: f10
Focus to infinity set to manual.
Auto white balance.

Post processing : Light room – crop and align.
Photoshop – blend , final crop and size reduction.

Natalie Vincent

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EOS 350D
Tamron 17-50mm F2.8
@ ISO 100, 17mm, 1/80sec

My friend and I go out to the Western Plains to take photos of the large number of volcanoes out there that make up the Newer Volcanics Province of Victoria.

It was a showery day, and we had the delight of having the sun behind us and a shower approaching as we were taking photos of this old eroded scoria cone names Mt Moorookyle, North of Creswick. Ideal conditions for a rainbow.

More volcanoes can be seen at

Shannon Low

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Nikon D7000 – 35mm, f5.6, 4 secs, ISO 100, Photo cropped to 6×17.

The Anzac Bridge is the longest span cable-stayed bridge in Australia (according to Wikipedia). Not only that, but it definitely shortens my roadtrips between Glebe and Pyrmont. So for that, this is a simple thank you to you ‘Anzac Bridge’.

Nick Smith

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The pictured tree washed up on the shore of my local beach recently and I have been photographing it each day. Where it came from who knows, recent

storms nearby could have washed it out of a river or maybe it has been drifting for a while. However there are only a few shellfish attached, so probably not long in the ocean. I am interested to see how it moves with tides and how it will settle. Already it has become a perch for birds and now seems to be semi-permanently settled. With Easter Sunday being bright and clear with an early high tide I wandered down to take some shots.

Camera Pentax K200D, mounted on a tripod, using a Pentax 50 mm lens that I have owned since pre DSLR days (75mm Digital equivalent).
ISO 100
1/250 sec exposure
Post processing was done initially in the GIMP to rotate the horizon back to horizontal and do a bit of cropping. Then I used Hugin to stitch 3 pictures together. I am overawed with this tool, it made it so easy. I think that I am about to go Panorama mad. The tricky bit was taking consecutive shots with the waves in the same relative position. I failed, but you need to know where to look to see the stitching.

Joe Lim

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Nightcliff is on of the best place in darwin to take picture. Best time to take picture ? Around 6.50pm to 7.30pm after that is pitch black. Took this picture at f22, iso200 ( that’s all my camera can go , sad) and 5sec exposure time.

David Johnson

Newcastle Harbour
I shot this with a 10-20mm lens standing on a large block near the end of Nobby’s Breakwall , after doing a few stitched panoramas and hating the results , even with a post process the skies were very ordinary……
So after that I looked at what I could crop down to be a panorama…
Camera Canon 600D
Lens :Sigma 10-20 F3.5 at 10mm
F:22 Iso 100 Mode :AE(Aperture Dependant)
Focus :manual

Michael Jackson-Rand

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Sony NEX-5N w/ 16mm F2.8
ISO 100

After a rough drive through Burra bushland the light was perfect for a shot of my poor golf who was gutted by a rock on the track or there lack of.

Destin Sparks

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Fuji GX617 | Fujinon 90mm SW | ISO50 | f16 | 20s

No manipulation or Photoshop of any kind. Brisbane City at sunrise from South Bank. This location was a constant battle between security asking you to move on and early morning rowers ruining the glassy reflection. Like most landscape photos patience is the key and this shot was no exception.

Brent Clark

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Camera Canon 600D
Settings: Lens EFS 18-55mm, Exposure 1/125, F/11
Post-processing: Photomerge (4 photos)
A rare smogless and clear day in Shanghai, this is a roundabout in Pudong, with the Pearl TV Tower in the background. Quite cool walking along the elevated walkway above the traffic.