Samsung iCloud Competitor Will Apparently Debut Alongside Galaxy S III

Samsung's S-Cloud, which seems like a six-letter middle finger to the design lawsuit lawyers, will be out with the Galaxy S III next month, according to Korean newspaper Maeil Business. The only thing is, uhh, why?

S-Cloud will be an apparently unlimited service — though that sounds like it'll apply to the bandwidth, not the storage — and also have an on-demand store, in case the Google Play store isn't enough for you. Which, great? But all these OEM cloud services are totally out of hand. Even iCloud, which makes a little more sense since it's across a whole platform, not just one brand of the platform, isn't as useful as cross-everything services like Dropbox.

And if everyone locks away all of our data in a million little cloud-based, non-transferable cubby holes, how is that better? Dropbox? Great. iCloud? Sure. Google Drive? OK. Everyone else, please stop this please please ok? [Maeil Business via Verge via Engadget]


    Should've just used SkyDrive imo.

    Yup, an article about S-Cloud yet iCloud makes more sense. Thanks again for your biased Apple view gizmodo...

    Samsung's business stratagy: If you can't innovate, immitate

      I find it funny that without S-Cloud even having been released yet, Giz have taken the liberty to basically shoot it down. At least wait til its released and try it before giving a pointless opinion piece, Kyle.

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