Rumour: Optus Getting Samsung Galaxy S 3

Carriers usually play it coy when it comes to new smartphone launches, but (if the documents we've been sent are legit), Optus will be one of the carriers offering up the Galaxy S 3. A reader calling themselves only 'Anon' sent through a copy of what was claimed to be a current Optus sales initiative; within the document, store salespeople that hit their targets are in the running to win "a new Samsung Galaxy 3".

OK, a "Galaxy 3" isn't exactly a Galaxy S 3, and we've got no real way to verify this one, but if it's accurate, it'd be a very long shot to suggest that Optus would give away a phone to its sales reps that didn't work on its own network. That doesn't remove the possibility that the S3 will be a 4G phone either; Optus own announced plans for 4G call for it to have a network up and running (albeit in a very limited area) in April.

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