Rumourmodo: Meego Still Has A Future At Nokia

Many Nokia fans cried out when Nokia dropped Meego support in favour of Windows Phone 7. A new rumour suggests that Nokia might return to Meego for some low-end smartphones. Netbooknews reports that one of Nokia's internal groups, dubbed the "Next Billion Group" — is working on two MeeGo handsets with distinctly low-end specifications. While Nokia's high-end designers and developers are indeed busy playing with Windows Phone 7, the Next Billion Group concentrates on the low-end phone market with an eye to emerging and developing marketplaces where high end features (and price tags) are far less important than basic connectivity, so the rumour makes a certain quantity of sense; unlike the licensing fees and minimum hardware requirements of Windows Phone 7, a Meego-powered phone (or two) could be much cheaper for Nokia to produce. [Netbooknews]

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