Rare Look From Behind The Lens Of A Professional Street Photographer

Great street photography takes a unique sensibility; such evocative snapshots often carry a kind of mystique with them. But professional camera wielder Markus Hartel made a video taking us right along for the ride, shooting on a rainy New York City evening.

Markus's idea was simple: mount an iPhone right next to his Leica M9 and press record, preserving the seconds before and after he froze a moment in time. It's fascinating to see how fleeting each moment is, and how beautiful the stills can be when compared with the banality of the video footage. Makes you want to slow things down a little, yourself. [YouTube via PetaPixel]


    Sorry, thought most of the photos were shit.

      I know it can help to be discrete with street, but It seemed like he was trying too hard.
      I sometimes get called creepy by armchair cynics because I like to stand in the middle of pedestrian flow with a telephoto to shoot candid portraits as people go about their business ( http://oh-hi.info ), but seeing this kind of 'street' feels far more creepy to me. Not a single 'hello'. Whatever gets the shots I guess... but I don't think he got any that I'd have kept. He probably wouldn't approve of any of my photos either :)
      Subjective media is subjective.

    What I find most interesting about some of those pics is how close the IQ is between the iphone and the Leica at a low/standard, nonHD resolution. A lot closer than expected.

    As for his creativity with the camera, the pics on his site do a lot more for me than the ones shown in this video. No doubt the post processing with the images on his site play a factor in this as well.

    My 2 cents

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