Quickflix WatchNow Movie Streaming Coming To Xbox 360 Later This Year

Quickflix already offers its WatchNow streaming movies service on computers, TVs and the PS3. It now has its foot in the other main console camp with a deal to offer the service via the Xbox 360 as well.

Quickflix's announcement is light on details, saying only that the service will be available to XBox Live subscribers in Australia and New Zealand "later in 2012". As we saw last week, the range of movies through WatchNow (and its main rivals in the movie streaming space) still needs some improvement, though that hasn't stopped 3000 people a month signing up since launch. It's good to see the range of device options expanding; I'm presuming tablets will be next.


    THis is good, was strange they went with the PS3 as a first choice considering the install base of 360 :/

      From memory, I believe Telstra had a deal with M$/Xbox that they be the exclusive streaming partner for a period of time on the 360 (hence all the Foxtel options).

      I believe that period of time expires this year.

    Quickflix, aint no Netflix

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