PSA: Fake Angry Birds Space Android App Is Full Of Malware

There's a fake Angry Birds Space app in the Android Market that infests your phone with malware.

According to Sophos, a digital security firm, the malware hides its "payload" deep inside two JPEG files. Once installed, it downloads additional malware to your phone, and enlists your phone as part of a botnet. From there, your phone can be used as muscle for any number of hacker ops.

The easy way to avoid getting nailed by fake app malware is to always be sure to check the developer on any app you download. If you've already downloaded Angry Birds Space, take a second to make sure that you've got the right one and if not, consider securely wiping your phone once you've backed up important data.

Malware happens, but erm, isn't this one that Google's Android Market Bouncer really should have caught? [Business Insider via All Things D]



    Oh yes "openness" is great for average consumers hey? Idiots.

      Whore the "idiots"? The openness allows stuff like that to be caught easily. I notice this isn't in the Ply store any longer too, plus it's pretty bloody obvious when a high profile app like this is made by the real publisher and when it's not.

      The only "idiots" are the ones that think stuff like this is such a "the skyyyyy is fallllling" type of thing.

        And unlike the users of other mobile OSs, I'm glad places like Giz report on the apps that do have trouble- it forces action faster. Would that ALL OSs were as easy and open to troubleshoot instead of foolishly hiding all their frequent issues.

          Lol, so your argument is openness is because it allows problems cased by openness to be fixed quickly? Hmmm. Try again champ. Apple's restrictive API's and extremely cautious approval process prevents these type of apps from getting onto people's phones in the first place.

            Sigh, another week and another possibly made-up story of non-existent malware on Android (as opposed by the very real threat of the Flashback malware on iOS).

              Unless you are a YANK the flashback malware was a flash in the pan.. 99.6% of ALL infections are US based, so hardly an issue for iOS world wide

            Did the Apple Initiation Centre wipe all memory you had of the recent Pokemon app?

            iOS isn't exempt from this sort of thing

            Hello? Did you miss the fake Pokemon app a few months back on the Apple App Store?

            Try and champ yourself. Apples system is great until malware does indeed sneak in and people, like you, have a rock solid belief that none can so are fat rich pickings, it's harder for others to spot it and it takes a while for Apple to get around to it to take action.
            There are very real pluses and minuses to both systems, neither is in any way invulnerable, but the idea of totally relying on a mythical big daddy to look after and protect you is a little too faith based for me.

              No where near as bad the pokemon app just took 99cents this takes the money and gives you malware

    goddamn dirty frickin android shit. I just D/L'd this for my HTC, hope it was the right one.

    Damn the openness of android, lets in more problems that what you get out of it. Thinking of a switch to a walled garden.

      Honestly i think most people dont know what to do with the 'openness' of androids anyways.
      Only a very small segment of the market actually knows how to handle the tech, most of them probably read up gizmodo or the likes as well and are well caught up with the news. I hear a lot of "I love open android stuff" but in the end all they do with it is install wallpapers and custom icons..... and get malwar'd.

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