Pixel Qi Claims Its Next-Generation Displays Will Be Better Than The New iPad's

In a rather surprising post on her blog, Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen claims the company's next-generation transflective LCD technology will not only match the new iPad's display in terms of resolution, but will also exceed its contrast, colour saturation, and even viewing angle. Them's fightin' words.

Perhaps emboldened by a new round of funding last September, including a hefty investment from 3M, Pixel Qi also claims its next-gen displays will include a low power mode that uses 100 times less energy than the new iPad. So in addition to providing high visibility even when used in bright sunny conditions, a tablet or laptop equipped with one of Pixel Qi's displays should also boast an amazing battery life, given traditional backlit LCD displays can be a device's biggest power draw.

The improvements to the company's transflective displays certainly sound promising. And it might finally convince more manufacturers to actually provide products that come with a Pixel Qi option, instead of just providing kits allowing consumers to swap in their own. [Pixel Qi via The Verge]

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