Pioneer's Gorgeous New Headphones Pack Up And Go With You Anywhere

There's something pleasing about a beautiful set of headphones — especially if they're portable, rugged and made to travel. With that in mind, Pioneer's got a couple of sets of new cans for you to consider.

The $US120 SE-NC21M active noise-cancelling headphones (pictured above) are priced cheaper than some of the fancier models we're often fond of, but Pioneer claims that the noise-cancelling electronics will block out 90 per cent of ambient noise to keep your music sounding good on rattling trains and cruising-altitude aeroplanes. The 30mm drivers should be more than enough to make the headphones sound great across tonal ranges as well. Both of these headphones fold-up into travel-friendly packages.

On the pricier, audiophile end, Pioneer's serving up the $US300 SE-MJ591 headphones. They're made from high-grade of aluminium throughout — from their tough construction to their "high-quality" drivers, which are designed to replicate excellent detail on high frequencies. Those drivers measure a beefy 40mm, which ensures you won't be lacking anything on the low-end either.

While you never know just how a headphone is going to sound from the specs, this looks like some some solid kit. We'll know for sure when they're out later this year. [Pioneer]

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