Pick: Meet The Instagram Of Japan

For some, the novelty of Instagram might eventually wear off. There are only so many ways to improve your mostly mediocre pictures. But Pick builds on the idea of altering your photos with filters and adds some extra features with an awesome twist.

What does it do?

Made by Japanese company Naver, Pick lets you take a photo, choose a filter, then select a filter, then choose one of hundreds of icons to stamp all over the snapshot. From there, you can share it to Facebook or Twitter.

Why do we like it?

Forget your dramatic tilt-shift. You can liven up your shots with bowties, wigs, messages, glasses, stars, hearts and more. It has tons of customisation options in various categories which will churn out pics you'll certainly want to share. [Adrian Chen via BuzzFeed]


Download this app for: iPhone, Free The best: loads of fun icons The worst: possibly copied Instagram



    >"Pick lets you take a photo, choose a filter, then select a filter"

    Finally! I'm so tired of these apps that let you choose a filter, but then not select one. Or worse yet, the apps that let you select a filter but not then choose a filter.

    Sorry author, I couldn't resist picking on you :P

    It also seems to be available on android :)

    Oops NAVER is not Japanese is Korean

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