Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Camera Brings Your World To A Standstill

Slow-motion enthusiasts everywhere have a brand new toy. Phantom, the line of cameras that titillates our eyes and taunts our bank accounts, has outed the tiny Phantom Miro M32S. It records at an astonishing 1540fps at full 1080p HD, and the frame rate only goes up from there at reduced resolutions. Better still, it sports a compact and rugged form factor.

Unfortunately, these cameras are far out of the financial reach of most. While there is no word on pricing, estimates range somewhere between $US25,000 and $US60,000 (which, hey, big range!). Believe it or not, that would be considered a steal given how expensive some Phantom cameras can be.

With Vision Research pushing the limits consistently with these kinds of products, expect no shortage of viral videos featuring things exploding at 1540fps. [UberGizmo]

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